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If we wouldn't eat it, why should they?

This was a sentiment we heard from many of you in our travels across the state this summer talking about school lunch. And out of the many great discussions we had, stories we heard, and amazing (and funny) kids we met, this has stuck with me the most.

Now before I go further, if you haven't seen a school lunch menu recently take a look at some examples here. With school starting up again district menus will become available online or coming home in backpacks (or crumpled at the bottom of backpacks which is where I usually find them). Take a minute to look at a week's worth of menu options and consider:

  • How would you feel if you had to eat these menu items every day?

  • What if you didn't like it and ate nothing at all?

  • Would these foods make you feel full, nourished, and ready to learn?

  • What if there were no options that met your dietary needs and preferences?

We (adults) have a choice in what goes on our plate and into our body. Our kids rely on us to provide food that will nourish their growing bodies. They need us to make the same choices we would make for ourselves. Make sure your (adult) legislators make the choice to prioritize healthy school lunches TODAY!

Since it's back to school, here's a favorite post school snack that helps stop the hangry in our house! No Bake Energy Bites






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